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  1992- 2010 Tax-Credit Certified Solar Technician
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Solar Energy Solutions, Inc. is the most persnickety, reliable, and environmentally oriented solar energy company in Portland. The mission of Solar Energy Solutions, Inc. is to move Portland, the Pacific Northwest, and the rest of the world towards an environmentally sustainable future. Our attentive staff accomplishes this through the sales, installation and servicing of all solar and renewable energy systems.

Since 1987, Solar Energy Solutions, Inc. has been involved in the design and selling of renewable energy systems resulting in the installation of thousands of thermal solar systems, photovoltaic and other renewable energy systems.

Our prices are higher than some and lower than others. However, what we do best is our hands-on approach to each and every aspect to each and every install. Even before a job is started, we bring to all potential projects personal and courteous customer service. This is something we provide all along. If we are going to be late or if there is some deviation from expectations, we are on the phone discussing it. We also like to think of our installations as pieces of art, masterfully installed. We care about the quality of the components used and the eye for detail installations should have. And… We pick up our phones.

The most popular Solar Energy Solution right now is solar electric installations. Solar Solutions will help tailor a solar electric system to match your specific and unique needs. We base this on three very important factors: 1) How much roof space you have 2) What percentage of your current electric consumption you wish to replace with solar energy 3) And last but not least… your pocket book.

The second most popular Solar Energy Solution is for heating your swimming pool. These systems will heat your pool for free and to temperature you never dreamed of attaining or wanting to pay to attain!

Andrew with Rep.

Finally, the most historically ubiquitous Solar Energy Solution is for heating hot water. These systems will replace 60% of the energy you use to heat hot water on a yearly basis.

Solar Energy Solutions, Inc. registered with the Oregon Construction Contractors Board (#170635 [formerly 84703]) and is the very first company in the State of Oregon to become a licensed “Solar Heating and Cooling Installer” (#STL100). Solar Energy Solutions, Inc. is approved by the Oregon Department of Energy as a Certified Dealer, and is a Trade Ally with the Energy Trust of Oregon (#10005). Solar Energy Solutions, Inc. is fully insured and bonded in of Oregon.

In the 30 years Solar Energy Solutions has been installing solar systems throughout the Northwest we have never had a client complain to the Better Business Bureau or the Construction Contractors Board. And… Angie’s List and Google love us!

Solar Energy Solutions, Inc. uses only the highest quality equipment that has a proven track record of reliability and performance. All systems are sold and installed with the greatest integrity and care. “As long as everything is perfect, there are no problems.”

We appreciate the opportunity to discuss your home or business solar potential and look forward to satisfying your solar needs. We know you will be pleased with Solar Energy Solutions, Inc. because of the energy (and therefore money) you will save, the quality of the materials used, and the craftsmanship and care that goes into your installation. Your system will not only prove itself one of the best money-saving investments you can make, but even more importantly, it will move you, the community, and the world towards an environmentally sustainable future.

Andrew Koyaanisqatsi
Andrew Koyaanisqatsi – Andrew is the Founder and President of Solar Energy Solutions, Inc. Since 1987 he has personally been involved with the design, installation and maintenance of thousands of solar systems of all kinds in the greater Portland area.

As owner of this 30-year-old Portland-based solar installations company, Andrew has accrued many years of experience in Oregon’s solar industry and has a long-term perspective on clean energy policy. Andrew’s efforts with the first in the nation statewide solar code with the Oregon Building Codes Division established precedent setting provisions making code more ‘solar friendly’. He is now being sought out nationally by other states looking to improve or enact better ‘solar friendly’ code in their neck of the woods. Andrew was also an active solar industry First Licensed Solar Installer in Oregonrepresentative in assisting the Oregon Public Utility Commission in the implementations of Net Metering and a statewide pilot program “Feed in Tariff”. Andrew’s strong and persistent testimony was imperative in the adaptation of a rate that was economically advantageous and rational.

Andrew’s lifetime goal is to move Portland, the Northwest and Beyond to an environmentally sustainable future. He lives in a “Net Zero” home with both Solar Electric and Solar Hot Water systems. He has insulated the shell of his house, aggressively practices energy conservation and recycling and… he flushes his toilet with rain water.

Ray PokornyChuck Fall
Chuck has been a lifelong environmentalist and supporter of renewable energy. Prior to solar sales, Chuck worked in the education field and has been active in environmental issues. Chuck made a career change to align with issues he cares deeply about and entered the solar energy field four years ago. By joining the Solar Energy Solutions sales department, Chuck is living his commitment to develop residential solar projects.

Chuck believes that helping homeowners go solar is one of the best environmental choices you can make. Chuck is committed to helping every customer get the best solar fit for their home and their pocket-book. As a solar user himself, he knows first-hand the power and benefits of going solar.

Chuck keeps current with solar installation practices and construction codes through his membership and participation in the Solar Energy Industry Association, SunPower Corporation training (the premier panel maker), and ongoing Energy Trust of Oregon Solar Ally training.

Don't hesitate, call us today, or fill out our contact form so we can evaluate your home and provide you an optimal option for adding an asset to your home that produces carbon free, and tax free, electric power.

Minoosh Zarrineh
Minoosh brings a collaborative background in human resources, business administration, talent acquisition and diversity outreach to her role as Human Resource Manager for Solar Energy Solutions. She is ecstatic about her new Chevy Volt which she charges using her home's solar electric system. Her motto is "everywhere you go, the sky is blue."

Patrick Mandigo
Web and IT Guy
Patrick has been working with Solar Energy Solutions since 2012 and is a veteran developer who has worked on websites since Netscape Navigator ruled the roost in 1996.

Patrick is a big fan of solar power and has even used a solar panel during extended camping trips to charge electronic devices and continue to work on websites between hikes and smores. Patrick moved to the Portland area from Spokane, WA in 2007 and has been calling the northwest home since 1988.